The Salem Witch Trial is maybe one of the most popular trials in history. It ended on 29th of October in 1692. Nineteen witches were involved in the trial and all of them were to be hung. There were several stories about the Salem witches and there were many stories and books about them. Throughout the Salem witch trial period several innocent people lost their lives due to suspicion of wizardry. At the memory of the people who lost their lives, the city of Salem has also erected a memorial to honor the lives of people that were buried. Vero Beach Rat Removal

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In January of 1692, a small group of women started displaying very weird behavior and started having seizures. They also went into a trance. When doctors were called to see these girls, they couldn’t find any explanation for the odd behavior. Since there was no explanation, people believed it was the work of the witches of Salem. So the entire village joined their hands to pray and cleared Salem of the witches grip. The affected women were subsequently made to confess who caused this behavior. They blamed Martha Cory of the village and believed to have seen Satan. However, she was one of those members of the Puritan congregation and as she was accused, there was lots of turbulence.

However, the Salem witch affair had already spiraled out of control by then and an increasing number of girls were behaving weirdly. Martha Corey went to trial and was among the many of the so-called witches that was hanged.

Historic Salem Witch Trials

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