Individuals are the world’s greatest resource – in day-to-day life, in relationships and in business.

Regrettably, however, if you haven’t already, you will encounter times when they aren’t precious as the precious jewels they’re in the work setting.

Free stock photo of person, office, student, workMaintaining motivation in the face of adversity, constant adjustments and company politics is hard enough as it is, but if we are undervalued as employees, this becomes particularly challenging. The warning signs are there: you bring your “A” game to each event, you under-promise and over-deliver and you shine above the rest… but those in the position to upgrade your position and cover do not seem to care. They either shower their attention elsewhere or they’re otherwise aloof.

First off, realize that nothing lasts forever. Poor leaders have a way of finally being ushered out of the business. While this can take time, and will certainly not occur on your schedule, things change, and the trick is to be at the peak of the list of prospects when they are looking for somebody to replace shifting upper management. If someone else passes you through this time, you may only kick yourself afterwards.

Second, are you worried about the wrong people valuing you? Surely, someone values your work and contributions; it just may not be the ones that you feel you want it to be. Do you have a significant other and a family for whom you are bringing home the bacon? They value you. Have you got a group of subordinates or coworkers to whom you bring a great deal of knowledge and support and guidance and contribution? They value you. So, you see, while people who control your paycheck have you down because they do not appear to know you exist, Daytona Beach FL Raccoon Removalyour home team does and you’re making a difference for them. Do not let them down.

Constantly review your priorities to ensure the ones you are choosing and those getting bumped are the ideal ones on both counts. The present – while important – is a relative blip on the radar and given you are still able to work toward your ultimate goals in some way, it can serve to keep you motivated during these tough times. Find release. These things will help you to stay whole.

Again, nothing lasts forever and all you can do is control what you can control; you can control your contribution and seeking solace in other outlets, but ultimately, these determining factors can lead you to diagnose a lingering dead end situation as one you want to proceed from. You can do your best, but in the long run you must make the choice – as the Clash famously pronounced – “Should I stay or should I go?” You may change your circumstances by taking your talents elsewhere. I’d imagine this could be your company’s loss, but it just might land you closer to your destiny.

Good luck!


Staying Positive while feeling undervalued

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