Cute, Cat, Animal, Portrait, PetKitten sneezing symptoms and cat coughing symptoms, like human symptoms, aren’t in and of themselves a necessarily bad sign. However, chronic sneezing coupled with other symptoms can be particularly concerning. Let’s take a look at some frequent cat coughing symptoms and cat cold symptoms.

Little Muffy sticks her investigative nose everywhere… in corners, under furniture, in old smelly shoes. Her sneezing may be nothing more than a healthy reaction to a frequent household irritant like mold, dust, cleaning supplies or pollen, or any other mild cat coughing allergies. As long as your cat isn’t frequently sneezing, mark it up to her fascination.

Cat upper respiratory infection symptoms can mirror cat sneezing allergies, and are the most common cause for continual cat sneezing. Comparable to the common cold in people, they can usually be treated by good food and relaxation. If the sneezing continues, Boca FL Rat Removal, a pure application of homeopathic medicine can help. Borax and Phosphorous are two components found to help alleviate kitten sneezing symptoms in cats of all ages. As always, speak to a reputable source to obtain these remedies.

3 – Dental issues

The next major cause of coughing in cats is dental disease. This isn’t generally something that cat owners think to check, but a disorder in Tabby’s teeth can easily creep into her sinuses and infect her there. If your cat has pain when eating, or shows swollen gums, take her to a veterinarian for a dental cleaning.

Really rather common, the herpes virus usually causes cat sneezing symptoms and upper respiratory problems, maybe even cat vomiting symptoms, but only lasts a couple of weeks, then goes back into hibernation. If this virus inhabits your cat, he will have it his whole life. However, it’s rarely a danger to his health. Pulsatilla was used in ancient Greece to heal runny eyes and noses, and is still used effectively in several homeopathic remedies for cats today.

The most dangerous source of cat sneezing is Feline Leukemia. Leukemia weakens your cat’s immune system, and can cause your cat to contract other more dangerous diseases such as asthma. If the use of additional common remedies and medication doesn’t help, take your cat to a vet for a comprehensive checkup.

Cat sneezing symptoms may be early warning signs of a more serious problem, and therefore are more serious when you notice kitten sneezing symptoms due to the youth of your pet, but are generally treatable by the use of safe, non-invasive, natural homeopathic medications. Always be sure that anything you use in your feline friend is FDA approved and contains no artificial colors or preservatives.

Why is your cat sneezing?

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